Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fucking with Wes

So Wes called last night, his wife was going to a party so he told her he was going to go hang with a friend, which was me.  So about 8 Wes knocked at my door, never seen him in regular closes, there in jeans and t. mmmmm nice bulge could tell he  was already hard in his pants. So I invite him in and we go to the bedroom. I help him release his cock and get him naked. I take his cock into my mouth and suck it too a hardened perfection. Dripping wet from my mouth and his precum.

He was randy and ready for fun now he just laid on the bed and asked me to fuck him. I was not about to say no, so I lubed up his ass, and fucked his ass hard. Pounding and opening up his ass. Biting his neck and filling him more and more with my cock. Then it came time to plant him with my jizz, and he took it all deep inside. Then he needed to cum, so I offered him my two wonderful holes and well he went for my ass. His cock felt nice inside me, pushing his cock as deep at it would go. he is not like me, I roll and tumble all over the bed, him one position till he shot.

With both of us cum filled and empty, We lied on the bed drinking beers and talking. We like a lot of the same things, so when the weather is good we will go on a naked hike. Wes is a hot man, cheating men turn me on when they are not committed me. :) 

Cruising and Giving Head

So lunch yesterday was spent at a local park cruising for a cock to suck. I was hungry for cum. So I arrived in my jeep slid down my pants and started to wank my cock. About 20 min later up drove a real nice hottie in another jeep. So i see him whip he cock out and wave it at me, I smile back and lick my lips. He's got a nice cock and I want to suck it. I get out of my car and head to the restroom and wait in the back stall for the dude to come in for the service.

Well you know he came in and it wasn't long till he was in my mouth. His cock tasted so nice, it was veiny and really hard like a rock. I worshipped the cock with my tongue and milked it so good a couple times he about buckled his knees. He had to lean against the stall wall. Me Im waking my cock waiting for him to cum so i can with his cum in my mouth.

He moaned and squirmed the balls tightened and BAM the cum ropes ejected in my mouth, and my cock released it seed unto the floor. The dude was grateful and our interlude closed and I got back into my jeep and ate my lunch. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Man to Fuck

Last night was good. I have to say being out in the field again is way better than committed to a bastard. So I get good sex, and with my favorite people - married men.

Early that day I went online and put an ad on Craigs List for an ass to fuck and low and behold I get an offer from a married man. Hes not muscled or a gym dude, a lean skater man is more of what he looks like.       So he is tall and has black hair, and a nice lean body with an okay cock, average size, but well I am here to fuck him not suck him so Im game. He comes in and you can tell hes fucked around before, hes already got a tent in his jeans. So We talk for a bit, I offer a beer and he declines and want to get down to biz, he apparently is on a time crunch before his wife gets home from work.

So we go to the bedroom hes already stripping and getting onto the bed. So I ask how he likes it, and hes says hes likes it rough and quick, no kissing, just sex. So I lube up and lube his ass up with my fingers and then thrust my cock in to the hilt. He just reeled and squirmed as I fucked him. He just took my cock in my ass, and let me pound him. His cock stayed hard the entire fuck, just emptied my seed into his ass, then to finish him off, I sucked his cock to completion. Nice tasting jizz, really runny and sweet tasting.

After that he cleaned up, dressed, thanked, and left to go to school. In out and fucking nice tight ass to fuck. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gym Sauna

So yesterday when I went to the gym,  I was working out and there was this cute guy starting at me. So I flashed him my dick in my shorts, not like BAM but more subtle to see if he liked it and would watch more. Well he watched more, and you could even tell he was getting a stiffy.

So he walks by me and drops a wadded up paper, I of course pic it up and look to see what it is, and theres a note to see him in the sauna. I waist no time and when i get to the lockerroom I find him walking down to the sauna. So I undress, then grab my towel and head to the sauna.

There in side is the cutie. So tenting in his towel. Me with my towel over my shoulders and the room all to us. So we kiss a bit, but then jack and touch each other off. While watching for others. No one bothered us, we came and sat there cum drenched talking and chilling in the warm air. Letting the balls loosen and sag. MMMMM. It was nice!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Break Up

So you all want to know what happened with me and Nico. Well I came home early from work yesterday and found him with the boy from next door fucking in my bed. Apparently thats the real reason hes been staying with me, sneaking the boy over for daily and nightly fucks. I just stood there for about 20 min listening and watching till finally Nico  noticed me at the door. Wont fuck me, but hell fuck the shit out the boy. Learned a lot just listening to them, how in love they are, how long this has been going. So I immediately through them out and through there close on the door step for them to dress. Today Nico is coming over to get his things.

What fucking gets me so mad, for once in my life I remained faithful, I never cheated, Could have plenty of times, but no, I was gonna be good for him. Fucker never loved me, used me to get at the boy nextdoor. FUCKING CUNT OF A MAN!

Monday, January 24, 2011

3 Way with Nico

So I seem to have this deep passion for married men, they turn me on. I don't know why, but you get a handsome man to wear a wedding ring, I find him like 10 times more attractive. We have a new client for the office that we met with on Friday and he was really hot. Like 35 muscular, has one of those 5o'clock shadows that just ooz macho man. Well I cant help myself I am a flirt. I know I am committed, but I do it without even noticing, its just apart of me. Nico has been fine with it, but this one I was so different, cause he returned the flirts.

I was not sure he did until the dinner that evening. Until then I thought it was all just friendly banter and professional with an edge. At the dinner it was just me and him, we talked biz for first bit and then he totally changed one moment asking me about the work we will do and the next asking me if he could see my dick. He would say it like it was nothing, I think he was trying to get a rise out of me. So I continued to be biz oriented and then I went into panic mode when I realized he was serious. Here he was horny for me and I for him and I have Nico - Fuck do i cheat, do I say no - FUCK was the only word I could think of.

All the time he's feet is going up my leg and seducing me to an erection and he's loving it. So I excuse my self and go to restroom and panic. Normally I would just fuck him and have a good bang, but how do i when i made a commitment to Nico. So I deiced I'm going to call Nico and see what he says, not like I planned this and see what he says. So he pics up the phone my voice is all shaking and I am as nervous as ill ever get out. Nico trusts me and believes me when I told him I didn't have dinner with him for sex and no the opportunity is in front of me. Nico astonishes me, he says invite him over for a 3 way. I was to in shock to say no so I hung up the phone and made the offer to the married client.

He accepts and we drive to my place for desert. Nico is already there, he practically lives with me, and he's naked with a boner wanking in the front room when we arrive. Nico is all horned up ready to get some cock in him. The Client is ever pleased and starts to strip to join Nico on the sofa. The Clients name is Wes, so its me Nico and Wes.

Well there we all sat on the sofa stroking our dicks in unison, kissing and groping each other till a heated passion was fueled and ready for ignition. Nico is a total bottom and loves to please a man, he has a talent for knowing what a man wants before he even says anything. He is what I call a sex god. Both me and Wes are kissing while Nico starts to suck on our cocks, taking mine in first and then Wes' going back and forth and keeping us hard.  Wes is totally getting into the blow job and about to burst, so Nico stops and focuses his loving tongue on me. Nico is the best giver of head anywhere! No one is better.

From there it was fingering time, god i love reaching into an ass Im gonna fuck. So while Nico is making out with Wes, I reach under his balls and start to finger his tight hole. It scared the shit out him he almost bit Nico's tongue. Although scared he didn't ask me to stop so I hungrily probed his ass with my fingers. Opening his ass for my cock that would fuck him. He's making out and pouring precum out of his dick has he totally get into Nico and I toying with his body. I got the lower, Nico has the upper.

We stop and go to the bedroom and Wes lies down, I have him flip over to is stomach, leaving his tight ass in the air. I continue my fingering of his ass, wetting it and lubing it each time so he's relaxed and ready for a cock. Nico I think at this time was having Wes suck his cock, me I was focused on one thing using Wes for my pleasure. After he was good and wet I ask Wes if he was ready for a fuck, he said ya, and So I rammed my cock deep inside, Wes let out a nice scream not so much pain but pleasurable.

Just fucking the shit out his ass; now Wes is on all fours and Nico is under him sucking his cock, All the time Wes and Nico are moaning and loving the cocks. We fuck like animals for hours, just tumbling and rolling all over the bed, I fucked his ass 2 times till I pulled my soft cock out of him. He wanted to fuck and Nico wanted to be fucked bad, so Wes has his way with Nico while I played with his ass some more, then nipples and his neck. Nico begging to get doubled and feel me in him too. Wes was game so he laid down on the bed with him still in Nico so i lube it up really nice and slide my cock into Nico's warm ass. Nico wanted it but you could tell he was in pain, his body tense and sweaty. Finally when I was in Nico relaxed and Wes and I started to fuck his ass feeling our cock rub each other inside his hole. It wasn't long with Nico's moans and Wes' pants of ecstasy that we shot all of in unison. Wes and I in the ass, and Nico onto Wes.

We made out for some time till Wes had to get ready to go home. We all showered and stroked out another load in the shower and he left with a promise of more.

I told Nico that I has expected him to tell me no to Wes, and that it surprised me he would be up for this. He only one sentence to me,  "I love you, and I want to share things with you." Fuck I love that man, I fucked him right there again and seeded his ass with a passion I had not had ever. I was so intense, so loving, I really cant explain, sex with him that moment changed me and changed my love for him. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Affair

I know you all have been waiting for this, so I hope this will make it worth the wait.

Time is short when me and brother want to get together for a sexual romp. But we still managed to get some in while I was home from Christmas. I was there the full week that from Monday to Sunday. Monday I arrived and got no loving from my bother, but Tuesday we had plans to go christmas shopping I needed to get mine done and he has some shopping for his wife that was needed. So about 10 AM he arrived at my hotel room and I of course am not ready to leave, personally I pride my self on my seductions skills. He's antsy and actually wants to go instead of fuck first, so I have to work at him getting undressed and fucking with me.

So to lure him into sex, I pretend I have to shower and get ready, I had already done in, so I leave the bathroom open and start a shower come out and talk a bit about what gifts I should get only casually groping my cock every now and then. Then I stand at the mirror letting him look at my ass, as I check my face and shit. Then I get in the shower. When I come out he's naked laying on my bed, rubbing his cock in full attention. MMM MMM good - Still have that mental image, damn what I would give for a pic.

So we fucked before we left for shopping. but now we were all horned up and wanting more and had all day to play and see each other. So mall bathrooms, and store stalls and back rows became a chance for us to touch and feel each others bulges and if more time was there, we would go down on each other. when shopping was all finished we parted and just had a nice time that day. Fuck i wanted more, he has away of getting me fucking horned like a slut.

But I didn't get my brother again till Thursday. I was at my parents just chilling them and with my sisters and my brother comes over with his family. I really didn't think much would happen with everyone there. We were all just laughing having a good time, and I wanted to go get something out of my old room to take home with me. So I walk up and start rummaging through drawers looking when my bro walks in. He asks me if I wanted to jack off fast before the family wonders and so we whip the cocks out and start jacking just totally edging each other on. Well that only lasted for a bit then we were 69 on the floor just trying to get our loads out fast. We cum and drink it all up so theres none left, zip up and he leaves. The rest of the evening is normal, until its time to go, I can tell my brother is horny he's got a major wood in his pants. So we walk outside to drink a beer and say goodbye, but in a quiet corner I get his cock out and wank it for him till he shoots in my hand. Of course we are kissing at the same time.

The next sexual even was the last day Sunday my last morning in the hotel, my Brother and I go for breakfast, but that was his cover to come over and fuck with me. So I got to have him in me and I in him, we fucked all over that room and made it our bitch. Then I left, very satisfied and very horny!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nico - My Italian

So if you read my tweets, you know i have a new man in my life, and we actually went on a date. My first time asking a man out. Been asked out once before, but never me doing the asking to a man. I just hook up and fuck.

Nico I wanted to date.

So Saturday I got together with friends and just played football done at a park close by. So we played and all during it I am ogling Nico. He was brought buy a friend of a friend, so we had more men to play. We chat and shit, and he seems really cool. Mostly I am in love with his accent at this point. Its a deep and sexy Italian accent. So when we are done we split up and later meet up again at a friends house for a BBQ. I am determined by this point to get to know him and ask him on a date if he's gay/bi.

So the BBQ is fun, and we talk and I find he is so gay and in college. So I make my offer to date on Sunday.

So sunday comes and we go to the Phoenix Tequila Festival. We eat Mexican food, try all kinds of tequila and yak and laugh. I am getting a bit sloshed, not out of control, but the alcohol is definitely there.   Then we go to Starbucks get some coffee and talking. We are both slightly drunk and very horny, so we take a cab to my place and well we fuck.

Nico is a total cum whore, he is a beggar and a moaner. He was not shy at all with taking his clothes off unveiling his nice dick. I mean really nice. Its not huge but a good average size, but my favorite part is the foreskin it a ton, enough to cover the head and then a lot more after maybe an inch more hanging past the head. Its beautiful! I love uncuts.

So we jack are cocks off and play with our nips in front of each other. Just milking the meats and getting hornier just watching us get harder and harder so we start kissing, he has a tongue piercing its kinda cool kissing with that in there. Never done that.

so we go to the sofa and continue making out and me I am all over his muscles and groping and fingering his ass. He makes this sexy grunts and gasps as I finger him; he even pushes into my hand more to get me deeper. But he gets off the sofa and starts to go to town on my nips and then my cock. Totally milking and loving my cock. Just taking it all in his mouth, this man was trained on cock loving. This is the best blowjob I have ever received. He is bathing it with kisses, and just pleasing every inch of my cock and balls.  I shoot my load into his eager mouth and he drinks it all up, not a drip waisted. He had me edged and him sucking for at least 45 min, it was total heaven.

But I was not done I wanted his ass. But he even seemed to know that he gets up and started to kiss me and just like reading my mind. He just gets me hard again and slides my cock into his ass. I didn't even get to slide on a rubber, he knew what he wanted. He just rode my cock bouncing up and down all over me. He didn't touch his cock once and he was hard the entire time riding my pole. Nico is a moaner and fucking purred as he got fucked. When it came to for me to cum he came right with me as I shot into is ass. He cam all over his abs. So I slide out and cleaned him up with my tongue and that made him cum again, this time on my neck.

He was panting good when it was all done. We didn't fuck again, it was an amazing session. Every move he had made riding me was of pure perfection. I don't get a connection like this but with my bro.

So we kissed and agree to start seeing each other.

Hes really cool and really HOT!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Gym Bud - Steve

So I met a guy at the gym his name is Steve, he is 24 and we just hit it off as instant friends. So after the gym session we go out for coffee and talk and just chill. I like him and he's totally into me, so we deiced to go to a movie and then my place for some after movie fun.

So when its all said and down we end up at my place and he lounges on the sofa for a bit massaging his cock in his pants. Im horny and starting to strip. he's kinda shocked, I tell him I live naked and hate clothes so he joins me in the buff.

So there we are standing there naked wanking our dicks. Totally turned on by watching him wank is dick in fast fluid motion. We just jack and touch each others nips and pecs till we cum on ourselves and each other. Then the real actions starts, we kiss and make out for a good 30 - 40 mins standing and sitting on the sofas.

I lead him to the bedroom and lay him on his back, and suck his cock as i finger is hungry ass. He's a great moaner, and loves to talk like a dirty whore. So he's begging for more so I ram more fingers into his ass, he squirms and starts really pleading me to fuck him. So I toy with him more and lube the ass up getting four fingers into his tight ass.

I get my rubber on (not sure if he's clean) and slam my hard cock deep in his ass. I had his legs over my shoulder and fucked his has hard. Every time I plowed he would gasp and ask for it more, really slutty and yet manly with a deep voice. That just turned me on more made me fuck hard and pound him with no mercy. Fucked him all over rolling in the bed - biting his shoulders, and nips, and even his cock head a bit.

All the time talking dirty back to him and making him know I am the owner of his ass for now.

I go through 2 rubbers and the order him to suck my cock. He's a great sucker, damn professional if you ask me. I make him gag on it a few times, and slap his face with my manhood. Steve sucks me off good and swallows my seed. We kiss and swap whats left in his mouth and make out some more. All the time Im stroking his cock and getting him to cum in my hand, I of course like it all off.

With all the fucking he cam like 3 times on the bed and then the once in my hand. With that we drink and beer and he says good bye, we go to the gym together now every day and just have a nice time. Friends with benefits rocks.

Scott Issue

So here is what happened with Scott.

Saturday night he comes over just chill and just have beers. I get plastered make some indecent proposals and he gets drunk to but he is at least coherent. He ends up staying the night in my bed, it either that or the couch with all our beer bottles on it.

Nothing sexual happened, next day I think we did it, I didn't remember the last night. So when he finally awakes he fills me in, and I apologize. I make breakfast and we chill and rest, and just have a good time talking. We end up chilling on the sofa watching TV and talking. It was so easy and nice to talk, we did this all morning and into the afternoon. We only got dressed to go get lunch.

Then when we got back we both got horny. I of course was not shy and stroked my wood. He was embarrassed and started to clam up. I apologized and there we were sitting next to each other, naked and hard. I move in and kiss him full on the lips and start to kiss him really passionately with all the moves i have.

Hes getting into it and then suddenly he stops and pushes me off. He tells me he cant, I say he can. Then he tell me ( I still can here him say it verbatim, " I cant because I made a promise to my girl to be faithful, I wont lie to her." I tell Scott that she doesn't have to know and force another kiss, this time he slugs me in the gut. Gets up and grabs his clothes and dress fast, and says that he would know. Then leaves.

Then I feel like crap, I actually want him, and I screw it up.

The next day he doesn't show up for the morning at work, but he does show later and he is very late. He tells me we have to talk. I apologize a ton and ask that we stay friends and that I wont push my self on him. He agreed and left and works a normal day.

But things have not been the same, he still talks to me, but its not the buddy talk it use to be. Its not the friend I had.

Sadly knowing that e wont cheat makes me want him more. I know he would be faithful to me, I really like him.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful for Brotherly Love

So yesterday I was majorly horny for my brother. Moving to AZ has really curb  our action so we are both really horny for each other. We have been rubbing our crotches since I got here and been giving each other dirty looks.

So yesterday I had a chance to get alone with him, but it didn't work all to well. His Wife, my mom, and sister all went shopping leaving he kids for me and him to watch. So I woke up late on Friday and went over to my brothers house and well, the kids were awake - sucks be be late. So we just chatted and watched the kids play and keep them in line. While the kids were outside playing we had a mini make out session, just kissing on the coach. Fuck that felt good - but pushed my hard cock into and caged jean - it hurt - I was so hard. So that was all we got in there, so the ladies returned and I headed to my hotel in hope Tad (my Twin) could escape and join me for a fuck.

So I waited and waited just being naked and jacking off in my idle time. He kept not being able to make it over and then finally he arrived in the afternoon.

He entered the room and quickly stripped is clothes and laid on the bed next to me. It started with kissing and groping each others bodies. Rolling all over the bed till he had me pinned down on my back. So he started to kiss my body all the way down to dick. Then sucked my manhood good, just wetting it and making me squirm in pleasure. The best blow jobs I get, are from him. So he started to finger and wet my ass with spit just drenching me. Then he lubed up his cock and started to slide the cock into my anus. Oh god it felt so good to have him inside me fucking my ass. Slowly and passionately he fucked my ass, all the time telling me how he loved me and missed me. He started fucking me on my back, but then my side, and finally my stomach. When he came it was a huge load, I haven't had a load like that in me for a long time. I dripped cum out of my ass for a long time, felt so good to have been with him.

I wanted to fuck him, but that would have to wait, he had to return to the wife.

So later that evening about 9PM he returned to my hotel room to finish what we began earlier. So this time I helped him undress and started to kiss all his horny spots (neck, ears, nips, and navel) he was putty in my hands. just massaging him and really getting him relaxed. I laid him on the bed and just rubbed his back out and rubbed his ass. Damn I love his ass - round and plump - mmmmmm I love biting it. I spanked him once and told him to get ready for the fuck. This time no fingering I was going to plow the tight ass good. So I lube my cock and his ass up then ram my cock in - all of it down to the balls in one push. He so screamed into the sheets.

I slammed his ass like and animal, just fucking it and riding that ass. Ravaging his body all over - fucking in different positions for a good while - I knew he didn't have all night, so I shot my load into his ass first and left my flaccid cock there while I kissed his sweet lips.  Once my limp member inched out we continued kissing and making out. just lying there in each others arms.

I felt like a fool - I started crying and telling him how much I missed him. but my brother is the best, he held me, and aroused my cock again with his hand. We 69 for a good time, sucking each others cocks. I love sucking his cock. we just sucked load after load into our throats. Damn I was spent when it was all over.

4 loads of cum and a hot man to fuck with - I was set for the evening. I hated to see him go, but there were be many more times for us to fuck, when I visit for Christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Horny Me - Ass and Tell

Well took me a bit but here is the pic of the ass I sent to the world when I was drunk

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Never Again Ben

Well Ben is a total looser. So we fuck that one time and he suddenly decides he's going to leave his wife and move in with me. No talking with me - just shows up at my door with his bags and asking to come in. I let him stay the night and tell him that I don't need the drama nor is the sex worth it.

So he leaves in a huff and goes to a hotel. No sooner does he leave his wife shows up and starts to cause all kinds of drama at my apt. My car gets keyed and tires slashed. Fucking been non stop drama  - fuckin never again.

I want no married man.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Cock of Ben

All day Ben and I have been sexting back and forth, and he finally agrees to come over after work and have a fuck. He comes over and we chat a little and find out how his days been and so forth. We chat and flirt for a good while just letting him relax and get more in the mood to fuck. I like making him want sex, his bulging pants and he he bites his lip the hornier he gets.

So I get him worked up and invite him to the bedroom. So we sit on the bed and start making out and just kissing and touching each other. Seems to be a regular thing for us - he is a good kisser. So I keep slapping his ass and grabbing it tightly. I want to fuck the shit out of his ass bad.

Ben is not ging to let me fuck him so easy he starts to play with me and he seems to have other plans that I do for this session. So he started to suck on my cock and total eat the inches. God he is good totally sucking every inch of my cock and making me moan like a little boy. He ends up getting his cock out and begins to jack off as he sucking my dick.

I do what any man would do when there is a 10 inch penis before you. I tell him to get naked and lets 69. He doesn't hesitate and he is naked an shoving his cock into my mouth. So we are on our sides slurping and sucking each others hard cocks. He is starting to sweat and really get into the sucking and receiving of the blow. We roll all over the bed sucking and enjoy the cocks in out mouths. Until we coat each others throats with our seed.

The next little bit is all a daze it was the most fantastic fuck I have ever had. Like everything he did was in my mind and damn I was spent when it was finished. I was not planning on bottoming - but he seemed to subdue me with kisses and making out for ever. He plowed my ass good and came in my ass like 4 times. I shot all over my bed sheets. When it was all over we were panting and wishing for more, but unable.

So we showered and kissed more, and then he left.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fuck with Ben

So after he finished work he ended his shift at my place. I was naked and massaging my cock and keeping it stiff till he knocked on the door. I let him in and he was not going to wanting to talk at all. I could tell he only had one thing on his mind and that was me. 

We just made out on the couch me slowly undressing him till he was naked and his cock was out and oozing. His neck and nips were the best to kissing he loved it too by his deep moans he let out. I ended up giving him a hickey on his right pec. I started to finger his ass, and probe it with my fingers, exploring every inch of his ass with my touch. I love his ass, so I turn him on his stomach and started to tongue his ass. His ass is so clean, and so tight - mmmm tongue fucking him was so good and Ben is totally in heaven.  After he was good and wet - slapped some KY on and slid my cock into his ass. Fucked him all over the front room - sofa, coffee table, floor, and against the wall. May have broken and lamp but it was worth it. Seeded his ass 3 times in that room. Now I didn't forget about his pleasure. I sucked him off and swallowed his load. and jacked 2 loads out of him while we fucked. 

We it was all over - were were panting and covered in sweat and cum. Just laughing and having a good time with each other and drinking a beer. 

I offer to him to join me in the shower, and well he does. This is where he ended up fucking me. The hot water all over our skins - I was still randy and begging for more. So he fingered my ass to and then shoved his mammoth cock into me. He touches me in places I didn't know turned me on. Ben totally left me a hickey on the back of my neck. I came at the same time he did in my ass, and that was with no hands, he was an awesome lover. 

So I asked him if next time he would fulfill a fantasy of mine and he agreed. Hes gonna fuck me while I self suck my dick! FUCK YA!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blowing Ben

I get home from work and totally chill, yanking on my dick and I get a call from Ben needing a blow.  I was not about to say no, so I drive to his work and then I follow him to a nearby park. I get into his car and he is already hard and exposed is cock head to me.

I know what he wants so I kneel on the passenger seat and start to please his penis. I get more eager and suck harder he moans and starts to grab my ass hard. As time goes on he reaches into my shorts and fingers my ass as I suck on him.

Its good long suck as I lick and play with his piss slit and other games you play to please the cock. Then in one moment his nuts tighten his fingers go deep into my anus. I begin to cum in my shorts staining them but i think some drops ended up in his seat. He shoots in my mouth all the jizz I could ever eat.  I did my best to clean him up and zip his limp cock into his pants. I smiled and his kisses me. All the while he is rubbing my cock with his hand.

He then surprises me by licking his hands clean of my seed, and says tells me how he wants to do more. With the promise that tomorrow their will be more.

I drove home in my cum soaked shorts and a nice hardon - fuckin loved it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Married Man - Ben

Well if you know me - I have a thing for married men. I think its for two reasons, one I know they aint going to be blabbing about me fucking them, and there I like the secrecy of it all. So yesterday I went on a hike just to exercise and maybe meet up with a fellow hiker for some fun - not always promising, but a goal.

So I go on the trail and about 5 min into the hike I pass a father and son team hiking there way up the trail too. I smile and say good day and move on. About 10 min more I take a break and take of my shirt and stop and take a drink of water. The father and son pass me, he (the father) smiles and winks as they pass by. Kinda made my cock twitch a bit at they way he looked at me.

Making me horny - jacked a quickie there on the trail, and watered a cactus.

I continued up the trail, with my shirt tucked into the waistband of my shorts. I hike faster than them, so I was about to pass them again. But instead I decided to talk. Just did the normal, I keep running into you guys bit, and small talk. Nothing big.

So we hike together for a bit, just talking. Im asking questions about what great hikes are here in AZ and where to go, etc. I leave them and continue on I kinda figured his wink was just not sexual, just sorta nice man.

So I go up on head and hike some more, they head back to the trail start. I end the hike and find a note on my windshield. I look at it and there a number. I assume its from the man, so I call. It is the man - and he asks if he can call me later. I start driving home and the phone rings. So he apologizes and wanted to know if i really wanted a good place to hike. I said ya, we yacked for a bit, and i thought that was it - he really only wanted to help.

I started to thank him for the information and thought maybe give it one more try. I asked if worked out and that i needed a bud for the gym, He said ya, but he as a gym at home, so that would not be possible. I complimented him on his body from what I could tell under his shorts and T looked good. He said I looked good too and likes the fact i didn't wear underwear - said he say my cock head in my shorts. Now this is what I wanted, so we talked about sex and us and maybe meeting up for some fun. He agreed and so about 3 hours later he was at my door step.

So he comes in and we talk for a bit. We end up heading to the bedroom fast and start making out I of course was already naked and horned up oozing precum. He is getting really into the kissing and letting the inhibitions go.  So he strips and I see the cock! He is 35 and has the body of a god and then the cock - I drooled. Its thick, cut and has a nice purple head and i think its about 9 to 10 inches long. So I did my job and paid homage to the beast by sucking him. I may not suck a lot of other mens cocks - but I can deep throat and take all his inches in me. I suck him good - all the time he is moaning and begging for more and I an fingering his tight ass. I spews his seed into my mouth and I lap it all up.

Ben then wanted to fuck me, so get on all fours as he lubes and prepares. Feeling his cock pierce into my ass felt so good. He is a love, all the time kissing my neck and loving my body as he fucks me. By the end we are on our sides, him in me,  and he pulls out to cum. (cummin in a rubber is no fun).

So we continue to make out ad grope each other. I keep grabbing his ass and milking his cock. Me I bite a bit so i nibble on his neck and nips. Slowly he turns his ass to me, giving me permission to fuck it. I like to finger an ass before I fuck it, so i do my routine and then plow my manhood deep in him. Just fucking him like a man needs to be fucked. Fuckin him all over the bed, him reeling and moaning. i assk him where he wants the cum and he said mouth. So I pull out and he blows the load out of my cock.

Then he was spent he just lied there panting and smiling. So we lie there talking me find out about is life and what hes looking for. He wants a reg fuck too. So I make an offer that if he likes this to make it a regular fuck and then we can fuck with out rubbers next time. He accepts and he cant nail down a time but wants to on tuesday - time is all depends on job and wife. I can go with that.

I kiss him and we make out passionately and we jack each others cocks off one more time before he leaves.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Well I was on a hike once and I stripped and had fun hiking and then got a the waterhole for a swim. When I got there there I was all alone, so I stayed naked and wanked one out on a rock. 

About 2 minutes into my jackoff a troop of scouts come (I AM NOT KIDDING). I heard the boys coming so I tried to hide in some bushes. But they were quick, the all found me nude and sprouting wood with a river of precum oozing out. 

None of them touched me, but we did end up swimming some naked others in their underwear. The Scout master cam on to me - that was a fun fuck in the trees
You want details on the scoutmaster - well...

Were were all just swimming and having a good time at the water hole. He whispered in my ear and invited me to finish what they had interrupted. So we walk away into some trees, totally naked since were were swimming. 

We just started milking our cocks and rubbing the precum on our dicks. Soon he was dry of precum and started to spit in his cock for lube. That turned me on more and made me jack of faster. I was gonna edge myself and have fun, so I started to play with my nips and body. 

He was totally loving it and started to finger his ass. I new what that meant - he liked it up the ass. So I came over to him and invited myself into his hot manhole. Fucked a good load there and left him to clean up.

College Professor

I was asked a questions once “What has been the most unusual and most unexpected person whom you've ever in career had sex?”

My answer was my college professor.

I t was unusual since It was not my intention to get involved with a professor, may have been a fantasy but I was not going to do it. Before my sophomore year in school I was heavy into gay bars and backroom sex. I met a hot older dude and we fucked really well in the back room about a week before class started.

I attended my classes and on Tuesday my 1st class in walks the dude. He announces himself as the professor and teaches the class. Its a big class so I figure he wont ever notice me and things will be normal. For about a 2 week it works, I sit in the back and really just listen and not participate.

Then the professor switches things up and moves the back of the class to the front, so now I am in plain view of him and is bulge. About midway through class he starts asking people questions, and sees me. Now he knows I know what he looks like naked and how he likes to be fucked.

When class ends I leave like normal, but he calls me back into class. We talk and he remembered me and wanted to hook up again. I wasn’t about to say no, so we met that night at his home. I think we fucked all night and I left some time before dawn.

The relationship was strictly for sex, no love it was just fun. What made it unusual was the notes I would get on my papers – telling me were to find him for a quick fuck. And then the great grades I got, I didn’t even turn in an assignment and still got an A.

After the semester was over, we ended the fuck since it would be harder since not sharing a class. And thats life, saw him on occasions but never fucked again.  

Kyle - AZ Hotel boy

Kyle was the night delivery boy for room service. He may have done more, but every night when I was in AZ, he was the one at my door dropping off the dinner.

I first just opened the door naked and invited him in and had words, but he would quickly leave. Someone suggested I have a towel around my waist and hide my hard on – but let it fall when he arrives. So I did it and it worked.

That night he came to my room after work for some well due sex. We fucked all night till the we hours of morning and then I fucked him to wake him up. It was fucking great to seed him so much.